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eagle-topperConcord Industries, Inc. and Flagpole Components, Inc. are proud to bring you a combined 75 year experience in the flagpole industry. Concord Industries, Inc is a true manufacturer of aluminum flagpoles. Concord’s sister company, Flagpole Components, Inc., offers a full line of components for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of all sizes of aluminum, steel and fiberglass flagpoles. A complete line of the highest quality U.S. and state flags are available that are “Made in America”. We look forward to helping you obtain the best value in an aluminum flagpole and its related components in order to proudly fly the flag of your choice. We believe in personalized service, so you will not find a shopping cart on this web site nor will you get an automated phone service unless it is after our normal business hours. Call us and we will gladly do our best to help you in any way. We will be adding useful information to this website, so be sure and revisit us.

If you are looking for a complete yet easy to understand selection of flagpoles, click on the “FLAGPOLES” button and you will be taken to Concord’s current Catalog or Price List showing our recommended list pricing. The Price List will show the most current selection of flagpoles with wind speed information, including new models introduced since the printing of the last general catalog.

Clicking on the button marked “FLAGS & PARTS” will take you to the Flagpole Components, Inc. section linking you to their current Catalog and Price List. Like the flagpole section, there will be items in the price list that may not be shown in the catalog.

Our best product catalogs continue to be your imagination. Many products introduced by Concord and Flagpole Components were the result of a specific need or idea from a customer and we felt that the industry could also benefit from the resulting product.

While our products are second to none, we feel our largest asset is our availability to help our customers. We will be glad to be involved in the selection process. We are also honored to be represented by a large number of flag and banner dealers and sign companies in North America that can also help in your search for the right flagpole, component or flag. These dealers are also listed in local yellow pages or on the internet. Ask for products from Concord and Flagpole Components and be assured that you are receiving the best value available.