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Tapered Aluminum Flagpoles are our specialty. We have been manufacturing aluminum flagpoles for over 50 years and feel that tapered aluminum offers the best value in outdoor flagpoles. Other materials might offer an advantage in certain specific conditions but in general, aluminum will last longer and age more gracefully that steel, fiberglass, concrete or wood. Our design formulas, using the relationship between flagpole height, base diameter and base wall thickness take into consideration the components of the flagpole, flag, and the nature of wind gusts as called for in the formulas approved by the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers.

Concord’s flagpole shafts are manufactured in the United States usingĀ  6063-T6 aluminum having a tensile strength not less that 30,000 psi and a yield point of 25,000 psi. Following the tapering and heat treating process, the flagpole shafts are polished to a deep luster finish creating an elegant sheen that, over time, will develop a natural patina. Other architectural finishes such as clear, bronze or black anodizing as well as a variety of powdercoat colors are readily available.

The components found on Concord flagpoles are well matched to the size and expected use. Many flagpole component designs have become de facto standards in the industry. This speaks highly for our products. As the flagpole heights increase, even stronger components are used. For example, external halyard rotating truck ( pulley) assemblies on flagpoles with a 10″ or larger base are equipped with dual sealed bearing assemblies for easier rotation and longer life. All Independence internal halyard flagpoles are also equipped with these bearings. Sealed bearing trucks are available as a low price , recommended option on all Continental and Sentry flagpoles. Stainless steel flag snaps are standard on all Independence flagpoles. The list of high quality standard and low priced but recommended upgrades goes on and on. We are constantly seeking ways to further improve already wonderful products.

In our Texas and Minnesota production facilities, Concord Industries maintains a large inventory of flagpoles in the traditional ground mounted or embedded configuration ready for prompt shipment. In the ground mounted format, the overall shaft length includes the nominal extended shaft length plus approximately 10% additional length that fits into the ground sleeve. This is the strongest traditional mounting techniques generally recognized by the industry. Additional mounting methods such as shoe base are also readily available. Several versions of wall mounted brackets are also offered for those that can not or do not wish to use the ground mounted configuration.

Due to manufacturing and shipping considerations, all aluminum flagpoles with a 40′ or greater exposed height are produced and shipped in multiple sections. For overall less cost when including shipping expense, the two piece flagpoles with a 30′ or 35′ exposed height should be strongly considered as a less expensive alternative to the one piece flagpole. There is no decrease in strength. Patented slip over field joints make for a virtually effortless assembly.

While we have strived to make this website as informative as possible, we place a high value on human contact. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us atĀ  800-527-3902.

You want to proudly fly the flag of your choice. We will try our best to help you find the perfect flagpole to honor that flag and fly it with respect.