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Components & Flags

Flagpole Components, Inc. is not only the name of the company but it also describes our products. The company was formed in 1988 to provide flagpole manufacturers, distributors and dealers with a single source for component parts for all types of flagpoles.

We offer a wide variety of component choices for applications ranging from standard to heavy duty requirements. Please review the products and design specifications closely. Often times buying components of a higher grade can actually save money in the long run. A budget item that has to be replaced using expensive lift trucks is not a bargain. The heavy duty revolving truck assemblies for example contain upper and lower sealed bearing assemblies and should continue to revolve freely long after a warranty period has expired. Quality is an important consideration in the production of all our components.

Please note that the products offered by Flagpole Components, Inc. should be recognized as component parts and therefore the design and engineering of the application of these products are the responsibility of the customer.

Product development continues to be an important activity. Many of the products were created at the request of our customers’ suggestion and it was felt that the product could benefit the entire industry. We are always open to new ideas so feel free to contact us with your suggestions. We appreciate the opportunity to present our company and its products to you. We value your business highly and can assure you that we will treat the order for one ball with the same respect as the one for 1,000 balls. We thank you in advance for the opportunity to do business with you.